Great News: 

Our Church Continues to be Blessed in Its Efforts

We find ourselves in a most peculiar position, and the only way forward is with the help of others.  We are a 60-year-old Lutheran congregation, proud of our history and traditions, and intent on adhering to biblical teaching and our liturgy.  In recent months, we reached unprecedented levels of revitalization and recovery thanks to the generous contributions of an ambitious and vibrant mission pastor, sporting a very innovative approach to church planting.  

What we didn’t expect to discover – that our own church denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) – is banking on us to fail!  Last June, the ELCA abruptly and unexpectedly blocked our progress by illegally claiming the property should be in their name  a completely irrational demand.  This challenge is only serving to strengthen our resolve and rally support to our cause.  We invite you to join in the rejuvenation.