Historic. Innovative. Involved.

   Faith Lutheran Church in San Dimas is a dynamic Christian church with a fantastic future where all people feel welcome. We regard the Bible as the inspired Word of God. We place an emphasis on God’s unconditional love for all people as well as God's power to change lives. We have a high regard for education and take questions seriously. 

  We celebrated 50 Years of Faith in 2014. During that time, the congregation has been served by two pastors, Pastor Ray Kibler, Jr. from its founding until 1986, and Pastor David Berkedal from 1986 until he retired in June 2018. We have a Interim Pastor Dave Beard here with us while we transition and find our next permenant pastor.

   We are a small-to-medium sized church . We are small enough to know you and large enough to help you grow as a person. Together, we will make our community, and our world, a better place to be by the power of God at work among us. 


   Our members represent the demographic diversity of the communities we serve.  

   Lutherans compose a branch of the Christian Church. We began when Martin Luther started a movement that sought to reform the Catholic Church of his day in 1517. Because he "protested" certain abuses of the Catholic Church, he was called a "protestant". Lutherans were the first protestants and are the largest protestant church in the worldl today.