FLC Weekly

September 17th

President’s Message

One great advantage of today’s high-tech world is the ability to remain in touch while traveling.  Right now, we are speeding our way across the northern states in a small, private aircraft, enjoying the fall foliage and exploring new worlds from a very special perspective.  

Over the next few weeks, I pledge to continue to share my thoughts with you from the blessings of our own, personal “time machine” as we visit nearly two dozen small towns and traverse the great expanses of this amazing nation. 

I’ll start by sharing a secret about aviation.  Truth be told, anybody can fly an airplane.  If you can ride a bike or drive a car, you can fly an aircraft.  No lying or exaggerating.  

However…landing an airplane…that is a whole other story.  It takes vast amounts of practice, training and experience to consistently walk away from a landing.  

Pilots laugh off the notion that what keeps an airplane in the air is cash.  Sometimes we call it “turning dinosaurs into decibels.”  

But flying is mostly about energy management and physics — very unforgiving physics.  When returning to earth, there is very little margin for error in bringing all that energy to a stop. 

But, for those who can tolerate the high cost and inherent risks, nothing offers a more amazing and powerful spiritual feeling than that of “slipping the surly bonds of Earth.” 

Ok…what is my point?  

I hope you all remember the powerful portrayal from Robin Williams as a progressive school teacher in Dead Poets’ Society.  Recall when he steps up on the desk and announces:

"Why do I stand up here? Anybody? I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way." "No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." 

This is a lesson in perspective.  While each student is expected to step up and savor the moment, some pause and embrace it while others rush to complete the task and get back into their comfort zone. 

This sentiment touches my soul.  At every level.  Not because of my common view from above, but because we must all seek to never be lulled into complacency or rest on our laurels. 

I choose to believe we are all here for a purpose.  You and I are here at this time and in this situation for a reason.  We are here to testify to the power of community, to the power of the Holy Spirit, and to the power of faith!  

Some describe faith as a condition where there is no certainty.  While that may aptly describe our situation, the way out is to seize the moment.  We can control our destiny by managing our energy and seeking new perspective.  By constantly looking at things in a different way.  

In the process, we will learn a great deal about others and ourselves.  

Pray often. 

Invoke the Spirit. 

Be inspired. 

Exert passion in all you do. 

Place others first. 


     -Bob Velker, President


September 10th

President’s Message

Congratulations, good people of Faith San Dimas…We’ve gone from “sharing” the Good News, to becoming “The Good News!” 

You have shown a commitment, a drive, and the initiative to bring back your church and everything it stands for!  And, already, people are beginning to take note. 

One month ago, I told you a personal story of a random act of evil against my life.  I explained that rather than get angry and focus on how helpless and hopeless it felt, I chose to have faith that, surely, some good would come from it.  In the end, I was rewarded.  

This is how it felt when Pastor Nichole resigned — a final punch to the gut. 

But, as I shared with you on July 28th, I chose to draw on my previous experience and to believe something good will come from the current situation.  

Do you see it?  Do you see the good? 

Miraculous things are happening.  

They are happening because the Holy Spirit is at work among us, and because we choose to act. 

But it’s important to distinguish that the miracles are not just occurring as a result of our actions, but are occurring through those very actions. 

Allow me to use a football metaphor — the game is entirely different when you’re a starting player on the field.  When you’re in the game, and not just at the game. 

Miraculous things are happening here at Faith.  

Be that miracle. 

Don’t be satisfied to be an observer.  

So, what is necessary to be “in the game?”  Simply put, it requires being on the field — participating in the activities.  Get involved wherever you can.  Become a greeter.  Volunteer to read the scriptures.  Accompany the choir.  Help in the office.  Start a small group around your favorite activity.  Host a dinner.  Teach Sunday School.  Create your own activity.  

For it is in our actions where the Holy Spirit moves.  This is a very important distinction: the Holy Spirit does not simply inspire us, but it passes through us.  It is in — and through — our movement that it travels.  It moves as we move.  

In summary, church is a team sport — it requires coordination and a united direction to get results.  Attending Sunday services is where we come together as a team.  And prayer is the huddle where the planning and unification take place.  


Pray often. 

Invoke the Spirit. 

Be inspired. 

Exert passion in all you do. 

Place others first. 


-Bob Velker, President