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President’s Message

Congratulations, good people of Faith San Dimas…We’ve gone from “sharing” the Good News, to becoming “The Good News!” 

You have shown a commitment, a drive, and the initiative to bring back your church and everything it stands for!  And, already, people are beginning to take note. 

One month ago, I told you a personal story of a random act of evil against my life.  I explained that rather than get angry and focus on how helpless and hopeless it felt, I chose to have faith that, surely, some good would come from it.  In the end, I was rewarded.  

This is how it felt when Pastor Nichole resigned — a final punch to the gut. 

But, as I shared with you on July 28th, I chose to draw on my previous experience and to believe something good will come from the current situation.  

Do you see it?  Do you see the good? 

Miraculous things are happening.  

They are happening because the Holy Spirit is at work among us, and because we choose to act. 

But it’s important to distinguish that the miracles are not just occurring as a result of our actions, but are occurring through those very actions. 

Allow me to use a football metaphor — the game is entirely different when you’re a starting player on the field.  When you’re in the game, and not just at the game. 

Miraculous things are happening here at Faith.  

Be that miracle. 

Don’t be satisfied to be an observer.  

So, what is necessary to be “in the game?”  Simply put, it requires being on the field — participating in the activities.  Get involved wherever you can.  Become a greeter.  Volunteer to read the scriptures.  Accompany the choir.  Help in the office.  Start a small group around your favorite activity.  Host a dinner.  Teach Sunday School.  Create your own activity.  

For it is in our actions where the Holy Spirit moves.  This is a very important distinction: the Holy Spirit does not simply inspire us, but it passes through us.  It is in — and through — our movement that it travels.  It moves as we move.  

In summary, church is a team sport — it requires coordination and a united direction to get results.  Attending Sunday services is where we come together as a team.  And prayer is the huddle where the planning and unification take place.  


Pray often. 

Invoke the Spirit. 

Be inspired. 

Exert passion in all you do. 

Place others first. 


-Bob Velker, President


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