Faith Stepping Stones

   Faith Stepping Stones is a ministry pioneered by FaithInkubators and adapted localized at Faith Lutheran Church. It involves parents and children coming to the altar together for a blessing and prayer at significant times between baptism and graduation from high school.  

   The children’s sponsors (godparents) at baptism, or mentors who are chosen after baptism also take part. A gift is often given as a token of the event itself. The seven events arefollow. Click on the title for sample of the service we use during worship:

   Baptism: children are given delivery from sin, death and the power of the devil, and everlasting salvation to all who believe what God has promised. Gifts: certificate, cloth and candle.

   The Beginning of Sunday School: children begin their active life of learning. Gift: varies.

   Presentation of the First Bible: children learn the basics of the Bible with their parents over three classes and their parents are given the Bible used in those classes and they give it to their child or children. Gift: a Bible.

   First Communion: children receive one class of instruction with their parents. Parents are given the elements and then give first communion to their child or children. Gift: certificate and nail necklace.

   The Beginning of Confirmation: young people begin a two-year time of service and instruction in the basics of the Christian faith. Gift: The Small Catechism by Martin Luther.

   Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation): young people affirm their faith before the congregation. Gifts: short stole (as sign of readiness for greater service), book (gift Bible, study Bible or gift edition of worship book), necklace or pin, and certificate.

   Graduation from High School: Parents and young people bless each other. Gift: a hand-made quilt on which members of the congregation have outlined their hands and signed them with messages of encouragement.


Children at Worship Services

   We encourage the presence of children with their parents for its modeling value.  

   We provide crayons and weekly activity sheets, available at the usher’s desk. A “Children’s Sermon” is offered at Sunday Services. Children who would like to come forward sit with the pastor and talk with him and hear a brief teaching on the theme for that service in language they can understand that usually centers on some object. 

   Middle School

   Confirmation Class: This two-year program starts as early as 7th grade depending on parents’ view of readiness and is usually held on Wednesday afternoons. We can help make arrangements with teams and other activities for youth to take part in Confirmation Class. Lots of learning and lots of fun, trips, custom T-shirts and hoodies, church and community service.  

Middle School and High School

   LIFT (Living in Faith Together) is our youth group that meets on Sundays at 6:00pm.  

Weekday Pre-school and Day Care

   Faith Lutheran Church Pre-school and Day Care

Additional Summer Programs

      Vacation Bible School: one week of crazy fun in the mornings and a closing program on Friday evening for youth going into grades K-5.